Warm Up Exercise 1

Before a gig or practice, recording, rehearsal session I always warm up. It depends what the session involves but it usually takes 10 – 15 minutes. I try to come up with new ideas during this stage and some of my best songs have been created as I warm up. My warm ups tend to include a number of exercises and musical ideas. I like to start with a fairly gentle stretch exercise (nothing too strenuous) and exercise some creativity at the same time. I recorded my latest one here –

Here is the transcription –

Download (PDF, 41KB)

And here is the backing track for you to play along with –

And here is a chord chart if you want to create a different style warm up using the same chords –

Download (DOCX, 10KB)

Once this initial exercise is finished I continue onto the next warm up exercise once I’ve had a short break of a minute or so.

Enjoy and happy warm ups!

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 warm up exercise

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warm up exercisewarm up exercisewarm up exercise

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