Shred Arpeggios – Speed Picking & Tapping

This has been one of my favourite song intros to rehearse & film so far on this E.P. The song has been around for a while in this form and includes some of my favourite techniques. I love the groove too. Check it out.

The intro is divided into two parts. The first – an open string alternate picking riff with a ‘push/pull’, 16th note/16th note triplet rhythm. The second – fret-board tapping, string skipping arpeggios which also employ accelerating rhythms. Dealing with the first part of the riff, it’s best to practice to a metronome slowly as the hardest part to nail is coming back to repeat the 16th note section after the rapid 16th note triplets. The whole riff is in the key of A Aeolian and the first part uses only the open A string. It’s best to memorize the scale sequences along the length of the string and then build the speed from there. The 16th note triplet portion of the riff is a pretty standard rolling, left hand pattern in rock & metal lead guitar playing.

The second part of the riff shifts to a string skipping, legato, fret-board tapping riff whose rhythm now shifts from 16th notes to septuplets (7-notes-per-string). This is very tricky to get (I’ve yet to get to septuplets in my rhythm posts but this rhythm is counted as GO-TO-UN-I-VERS-I-TY) so the metronome speed must be sufficiently slow to allow a count of so many notes. Again very careful memorization is imperative and the left hand will need to be fully warmed up before attempting this. Note that the right hand plays no part in this section of the riff – every note is either a hammer on or a pull off. Check out and download the transcription below.


Download (PDF, 65KB)

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shred arpeggios speed picking & tapping

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shred arpeggios speed picking & tappingshred arpeggios speed picking & tappingshred arpeggios speed picking & tapping

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