Studio Update

My E.P. is taking longer than I expected it to!

This is mainly due to indecision regarding it’s style. I am now taking the songs in a much more metalcore direction – cranking the tempos, keeping the drum parts & time signatures less technical and writing within simpler, more succinct structures. The reason for taking the E.P. in this direction is that of my YouTube output, I most enjoy this style – it gives me far greater scope for lead guitar ideas and means that I can really push the dynamic limits of tunes far more than I did on my more technical offerings. Have a listen to my 2013 album ‘When The Sleeper Wakes’ from my project Neutropia. This style is allot less inspiring for improvisational soloing and just jamming out melodies – the backing music is too jarring and erratic. The recording process was a real grind and I want this project to be enjoyable, I also want it to have less of a cerebral effect and make the listener’s pulse race. The above video is the latest tune I am working on which I suspect will be the E.P. opener.

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