Collaboration With Bo Xpncte

I have recently collaborated with a Russian band called Bo Xpncte. Initially I was asked to play a guest solo on one of their tracks but then also agreed, as I liked the music, to master this and two of their other tracks. So I thought I would share some samples of my mastering work as well as the solo that I contributed. If you like Bo Xpncte’s music head over to their page and check out the full versions of the songs.

Here are the before and after mastering comparison clips (the song names have been translated into English from Russian) –

Karma’s A Bitch

Single Serving World ft. Greg Barnett

My Solo (Single Serving World)

This Pain

If you like how I’ve mastered Bo Xpncte’s tracks and would like me to master your tracks then please get in touch via the Contact Page. Specifying what the genre/style of your project is, what your plans for the project are and exactly what you would like me to do.

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