Wampler Ego Compressor Pedal

I’ve made a nice addition to my pedal set-up – the Wampler Ego Compressor pedal

 Wampler Ego

This is an upgrade for my set-up. I’m no stranger to compressors but what I like about this pedal, and the reason I bought it, is that there is a blend dial added to the other parameters. This means that I can mix the compressed signal in with the uncompressed signal to taste. Or just have the dial right over for a 100% compressed sound. The other parameters are fairly standard on a compression pedal.

Here is a track that I put together using the pedal –

I used my Les Paul Studio (straight into the Ego compressor pedal) and Blackstar HT 40 amp with a pretty flat eq with no added effects except for some chorus & delay on the clean & lead guitars.

Here are the Ego pedal settings I used for the overdriven rhythm guitars –

Rhythm Settings

And here is the track stripped back to just the overdriven rhythm guitars –

Here are the settings for the clean guitars –

Clean Settings

And have a listen to the track stripped back to just the cleans (I’ve removed the chorus & delay) –

Lastly here are the settings I used for the lead guitars –

Ego Lead Settings

I’m still working out how to best set the pedal for different sounds & circumstances. It’s going to take a few gigs and recordings before I can say I can dial up a great sound straight away but it’s going to be a fun learning curve.

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