Ibanez Iron Label 7

ibanez iron label 7If you read this post you’ll see a review of my current 7 string guitar – the Schecter Diamond Demon 7. It has served me well but taking in to account the negative aspects which, I felt, impeded me in terms of playability I decided to upgrade to the Ibanez Iron Label 7 RGIR20FE 7 string. The biggest reason for the upgrade was the choice to go for a fixed bridge set up. You’ll see in the above linked post that the Schecter’s tremolo system bothered me as it jutted out and into my picking hand, a problem I could no longer put up with. The next upgrade to this new guitar is to active pickups and this guitar features a ‘killswitch’ to switch to silence at the flick of a switch. Also gone is a tone dial which I never touch anyway. As you’ll see in the video below the output of these pickups is significantly more powerful. It is also a beautiful looking guitar with the same understated look that I liked in the Schecter –

ibanez iron label 7

The Ibanez Iron Label 7 has power in abundance whilst being lightweight and a joy to play

I feel I can now make significant improvements in my playing with my vibrato (the wider the better!) & bending, wide interval stretches & general speed across the fret-board. The neck feels faster than the Schecter and much easier to play and also takes half the time to tune as there is no locking nut to unlock and lock every time. The only downside that comes with active pickups is having to remember to keep the battery fresh so a rechargeable battery will be on the shopping list with every string change. I’ve yet to set up the guitar (intonation aside) which has had a slight affect on the sound but this will be the guitar I use on the final recording of my E.P.

Have a listen to the track which I put together using this new weapon which may feature, in some way, on the mentioned E.P. –

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ibanez iron label 7ibanez iron label 7ibanez iron label 7

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