A Minor Pentatonic In Action

Here is the A minor pentatonic scale from this Scales & Arpeggios post played in a short improvisation. I’ve fully transcribed the lead guitar below as a demonstration of how to put the ‘bare bones’ of a scale shape into action. There are a number of different techniques in play here which I will expand on in future posts but this post should be a good starting point. I’ve included the piece’s backing track for anyone wishing to play along in the same fashion as me. Readers will get the most out of this post by learning the improvisation and expanding on the ideas and creating new sounds of their own. It was a challenge for me, initially, to stay within the confines of the minor pentatonic scale as I don’t like to limit myself when improvising but it was a good exercise in restraint, one which anyone can benefit from. Enjoy!

Here is the transcription –

A Minor Pentatonic Improvisation

And the backing track –

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