Diminished Triads On The Neck

diminished triads on the neck

To keep in with my posts charting the different CAGED shapes, I’ve transcribed the shapes for both B and F diminished chords. Diminished triads are the third type of triad found when the Major Scale is harmonised. They also have tremendous application when used as a kind of chromatic ‘link’ chord in a chord progression whilst not being in the same key as the other chords. The chorus of ‘Seven Days’ by Sting is a good example of this.

As usual I’ve written each shape as a static chord and then as creative arpeggio shapes for lead guitar application. There is not as much freedom for these shapes as there is with the Minor & Major CAGED shapes and I haven’t bothered to use any chord boxes above the tab for this reason. These are important shapes, however, so need logging in the Chords category.

Diminished Triads On The Neck

Transcribed first as B Diminished

Download (PDF, 34KB)

And secondly as F Diminished

Download (PDF, 27KB)

Please share any improvisations or songs you may have recorded using Diminished triads in the comments on my YouTube channel (link below). My knowledge on these chords is not quite as broad as I’d like and would welcome any new or experimental ideas & takes on them.

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diminished triads on the neckdiminished triads on the neckdiminished triads on the neck

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