7 String Solo

Check out this solo. There’s plenty of alternate picking in different rhythms, pentatonic legato & tapping techniques! Solo starts at 0:35 in the above video

 7 String Solo

This solo is one of my favourites! It has been around in various forms for over a year. The tempo of 130BPM is one that really suits my arsenal of alternate picking runs – I can use my runs of 5s and accelerate into 16th note triplets for an exciting effect. 16th note runs also work nicely at this tempo and give another rhythmic dynamic with which to play.

Although the song is a 7 string song, the solo doesn’t really utilize the 7th string that much so can be played on a 6 string if need be. I haven’t yet transcribed the rest of the song but I will be releasing a full transcription including backing tracks and performance notes/video analysis as this song is packed full of techniques that will help any aspiring shredder. I have two more playthrough videos to film for my E.P. ‘Areopagitica‘ and then I will release the 5 track E.P. This gives me a lot of work to do so will be difficult to provide release dates but I always appreciate reminders from people so please do leave comments either here or on my other social media pages and tell me to get a move on!

If that wasn’t enough, I am also putting a new video tutorial product together which will be a comprehensive library of runs, licks & material to turn anyone into a shred guitar master. You can check out my most recent video tutorial product ‘Precision Pentatonics‘ by clicking at the bottom of this page. Download a free sample here.

Download (PDF, 62KB)

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7 string solo

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 7 string solo7 string solo7 string solo

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