How This Site Can Help You

Looking To Improve Your Guitar Playing?

This site will offer value to anyone looking to improve their technique and general guitar playing. I regularly post technical exercises and drills in the Free Lessons Category (in the site navigation menu above) that I use or have used in my practice sessions. Search around all of the free lesson categories, which have two basic sub-categories – Technique & Music Theory, to find the subject currently causing you confusion. Use these posts to sharpen your skills or just use them to revise a subject and reinforce what you already know. Everything I post about is something that has helped me in the past and could be beneficial to others, so this site can be helpful to anyone looking to fill their practice sessions and improve their technique. I also produce premium digital products in ebook and HD video format which, when completed, are clearly categorized and go into far more depth and detail than I am able to do in a free lesson post.

Want To Expand On Your Music Theory Knowledge Base?

Keep an eye on the Music Theory Category, which also has several smaller sub-categories. I try to keep this area as creative as possible and tend to tie Theory posts in with some kind of creative exercise – an improvisation or song in the chosen subject so it doesn’t become some kind of dull revision exercise. I think that it is easy to lose knowledge if it is not put into practical use – ‘use it or lose it’ is a saying that sums up my opinion on Music Theory. In my time as a guitar teacher the subject of Music Theory has often been one of boredom so I will be releasing a series of Theory based products which will focus on integrating theory knowledge into a guitarists everyday playing and organising it in order of importance.

Enjoy Watching Guitar Videos & Listening To Instrumental Guitar Music?

You’ve come to the right place! I post instrumental guitar videos to my YouTube channel on a regular basis. These can be gear demos, tuition videos with transcriptions or playthroughs of songs from one of my own projects. So subscribe here and get updates as and when I post. For more substantial topics I put High Definition Tutorial videos together available for purchase in the HD Video Lessons category above. I also release my own music in several different genres – have a listen to this album with my project Neutropia on iTunes and if you like it make a purchase.

Want To Learn More About Equipment To Inform A Potential Purchase?

As I’ve said, amongst my tuition, creative and technical output, I also post about equipment. Gear Demo videos are an area which I will be expanding on from now to give viewers more of an idea of what particular equipment is doing for my sound and could do for theirs. I produce and play all of my own music – for this site and in a professional capacity, therefore I use a broad range of equipment and software so this category will be varied and detailed.

Are You A Songwriter Who Wants To Sharpen Their Songwriting Chops Or Just Stuck In A Rut?

This is, first and foremost, a creative site. Even if my own music is not particularly ‘main stream’ and something of an acquired taste, the ideas that I write about here can be, in general, applied to any style or genre. I also find that if I’m stuck in a songwriting rut that a complete change of approach can liven things up and give me some inspiration. I aim to move into as many contrasting genres as possible even though they may not necessarily be associated with the style I predominantly play – instrumental, technical metal.

You May Hear Many Of The Ideas On This Site In My Music!

All of my Free Lesson posts are written/created by me as I go. Each post is like a small exercise in songwriting so if I become particularly attached to an idea that I’ve written I’ll happily ‘steal’ it for use elsewhere in my output. So to pre-empt any ‘Are you allowed to rip yourself off?’ comments, my answer is – Yes! I also post on subjects other than the technical/creative side. Sometimes I like to comment on certain aspects of the music industry or philosophical approaches that help, in a general way, to achieve musical goals. So those posts will appear under the most relevant category I can think of.

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