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Legato Run In A Minor Pentatonic

This run is quite a challenge. The nature of the intervallic build up, of the Minor Pentatonic scale means that it is not easy to play as 3-note-per-string patterns. The left hand has to perform some pretty wide stretches and

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Speed Picking Lick 1

Speed Picking Lick 1 The example I play in this video is the kind of lick/run that I include in my solos allot. The actual example is in the key of B minor (Aeolian) from the parent Major key of

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Metal Guitar Techniques Lesson – Learn How To Shred!

Metal Guitar Techniques Lesson This song has taken me longer to complete than planned and I’ve named it ‘Historicity’ . I like to be ambitious with all of my songs but, for some reason, this one stumped me a bit and

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