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Metal Rhythm Guitar Riff

This riff, which starts at 6:19 in the above video, brings ‘Brave New World‘ to an abrupt heavy finish. Like the majority of the rest of the song, this riff is also in the A Mixolydian b6 Mode (A, B,

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7 String Metal Riff

This is the heavy open string riff from the above E.P. guitar playthrough video. The track is called ‘Areopagitica‘ and the E.P. is nearly over the line. One more playthrough video to go! Get the tab for this riff, which starts

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7 String Guitar Lesson – Quick Metal Riff

Grab your 7 string and get stuck into this metal riff! 7 String Guitar Lesson – Quick Metal Riff What I love about playing 7 string guitar, particularly being a metal player, is that I can stay in standard tuning, keeping all

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