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This is solo 2 from the 2nd playthrough video (above) from my, as yet, unreleased E.P. ‘Areopagitica‘. The track is called ‘Party At The End Of The World‘ and this solo starts at 1:49 1:49 – 2:02 The first thing to …

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Transcription Lick 1 This lick utilizes one of my favourite rhythmic patterns – quintuplets I use a 2 string pattern for this lick which shifts with every repetition. Starting in the 7th fret position, which is Shape 5 of the A …

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Check out this solo. There’s plenty of alternate picking in different rhythms, pentatonic legato & tapping techniques! Solo starts at 0:35 in the above video  7 String Solo This solo is one of my favourites! It has been around in …

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