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Dominant 7th Chord Shapes

Dominant 7th Chords are a unique choice as there is only one dominant 7 chord per Major Scale when it is harmonised. It is to be found on the fifth degree of said scale and in the key of C(C,D,E,F,G,A

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Diminished Triads On The Neck

To keep in with my posts charting the different CAGED shapes, I’ve transcribed the shapes for both B and F diminished chords. Diminished triads are the third type of triad found when the Major Scale is harmonised. They also have

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Minor 7 Chord Shapes

Continuing on from my Major 7 chord shapes post, I’ve transcribed the Minor 7 chord shapes with two root notes – A & E. As I said before, when extending chords further than basic triads it leaves us with a

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