About Greg

For the last 20 years I have been playing, gigging, recording, teaching and living guitar. In that time I have developed my technique, music theory knowledge and playing philosophy and intend to use this site to, not only help others get to where I am far quicker, but also build a fan base for my own musical output.

This site has free and premium sections. I produce High Definition Video Lessons covering a variety of subjects from technical workouts to improvisation and working music theory into practice. On top of that I write eBooks to cover subjects that would be useful to guitarists in their everyday activities from a digital platform – when they are practicing or gigging and have their tablet or phone on their music stand to instantly recall information that aids them in these situations. This section of the site also contains my professionally recorded and mastered Jam Tracks which can be used to sharpen improvisational skills or just to practice licks & exercises to. Each track specifies it’s tempo and key. I also use this site as a platform to sell my own, original music. This is probably the most eclectic aspect of my output – I always have numerous musical projects on the go, in different genres and release these varied products under the Buy My Music category.

There is a Free Lessons category which takes the form of a blog. I post here as often as I can and the category is split into two main sub-categories – Technique & Music Theory. These sub-categories are then further sub-categorized to provide maximum specificity for the reader. Obviously the Free Lessons will not be as in-depth as a premium product but will no doubt solve problems for a guitarist who may only need a gentle push in the right direction. These posts include audio, video and full tab & notation transcriptions and, where necessary, backing tracks.

There are a number of ways to contact me. First, if you have a general query and would like a direct response from me, please use the Contact Form, specifying what you’d like from me. Use this if you’d like to work with me, want me to record or master something for you, want me to play on your track/E.P./Album or have a problem that you’ve not been able to solve anywhere else on the site. Likewise for any press/interview inquiries. If you have a more in-depth problem and want some of my time one-on-one, use the Skype Lessons page and send a submission, also specifying the nature of your communication. This does not have to be specific to guitar and could be a general, musical, philosophical discussion especially if you are considering making music your career.

So listen, learn, subscribe and share!



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